About me

I’m Mari, always up for new adventures. I am loving, living and dreaming in Oslo. I travel when I can with my husband, friends and family. Now traveling with mini-me.

I write about traveling and tourism around the globe. About destinations I know, destinations I dream of and weird sites and people that fascinates me around the world. 

A lot of my spare time is used with my nose stuck in a Travel guide, or a Travel magazine, always in search of new inspiration.

In 2016, we travelled the world around in 90 days.  Now, with new born baby Alba in our family, traveling will still be an important part of our life. I am sure traveling with mini will be fun, but quite different. Check out our travel tips with mini on reismedmini.com.

For more travel photos and my everyday life in Oslo, check out my Instagram Account: @mariringnesen

For any inquiries, send me an e-mail on mari_ringnes@hotmail.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne Beate Ytreøy says:

    Så spennende Mari- jeg følger deg gjerne rundt på eventyr 🙂 Anne Beate

    1. mariringnes says:

      Det var hyggelig å høre, Anne Beate 🙂 Og kom gjerne med tilbakemeldinger. God lesing. Mari

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