Big in Japan


Hva er det som er så fascinerende med Tokyo? Byen som sluker deg hel, og samtidig lar deg forsvinne i folkemengden. Byen med enorme kontraster og svimlende mange mennesker. Tokyo er byen som har alt, og med teknologiske nyvinninger hånd i hånd med tradisjon lover jeg deg at du raskt blir forelsket.

Siden barndommen har Japan vært et av mine drømmereisemål, og i mars fikk jeg endelig tatt turen til sushiens hjemland. Jeg tar deg med til Tokyo og deler en liten bit av min drømmereise til Japan. Continue reading →

Vibrant Street Art Buenos Aires 


Mural representing las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, in La Boca

Seeing Buenos Aires through its colorful and dynamic street art scene is a great way to get to know Buenos Aires. The street art reveals a rough history of fiery political origins, dreams, hope and a vibrant feel of a modern city. Many well known international street artists have put their beautiful mark on the city walls.  Continue reading →

Kusama´s magical universe


This autumn I visited my number one favorite European destination, lovely Copenhagen. One hour from Oslo, but yet so different. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and I love the culture and infrastructure for bicycling which gives the city a vibrant feel. One of my favorite things in Copenhagen is the great selection of art galleries and museums.  So this autumn a visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was a must do when the retrospective exhibition of Yayoi Kusama was shown for the first time in Scandinavia.


The exhibition shows Kusama’s works from more than six decades and features a variety of artistic art installations, such as visual art, films, photos, performance, literature and design. Kusama brings you into her special universe which makes you forget about the reality.

The exhibition travels further on to Oslo and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in February 2016. Enjoy!


The Besseggen Ridge

Making postcard memories 

The Besseggen Ridge in Jotunheimen National Park is one of Norway’s most popular mountain hikes with over 30.000 visitors every year. I had the pleasure to do the hike in September with my friends.


There are different routes you can climb the ridge. We took the ferry from Gjendesheim to Memurubu, and then the return trip by foot. This route has the benefit of not having to stress to make it to the ferry schedule for the return, and you can go as fast or slow as you want. This hiking route is also said to be the best way if you have a fear of heights; climbing up the ridge in stead of down. Be sure to meet up early in the morning to catch the ferry, as it is crowded during the entire season.


As we hiked the first hour from Memurubu the terrain was inclining. It gradually levels off between the lakes of Bessvatn and Gjende, on a rocky plateau. The weather can quickly change, so be prepared to bring enough clothes and a hat for the wind.

A roughly 400 meters drop down to Lake Gjende makes your legs shake, but you soon forget your fear of heights when you capture the surroundings and the view towards the Gjende Alps.IMG_8008_2

Climbing the ridge takes your breathe away. Be sure to add this to your bucket list,  the Besseggen Ridge is deffinitly worth a visit!


Lisbon vibes


Every year the girls have a tradition of arranging a weekend to an unknown destination. The trip this year was planned by my cute friends Betina and Anna, and they managed to keep the destination a secret for many months. We met up at Anna´s place thursday night for dinner and wine, and 4 o’clock in the morning we left for the airport eager to find out where we were going. The destination was revealed when we got our boarding passes; we were leaving for Portugal and no better place than Lisbon. Hurray!

Tram #28 and Shellfish Bonanza 

Arriving Lisbon, the sun was out and the weather was warm. Felt good for cold Norwegians from the rainy north. The good ambience of Lisbon hit us from day one.

We arrived the apartement at lunch time to leave our luggage and went out for a nice meal and some bubbles. Then we jumped on Tram #28 after lunch and had a nice tour around the city. A must-do Lisbon attraction that takes you through the city. Hop on and off and enjoy the cobblestone narrow and steep streets with beautiful houses. Hand painted tiles in all shades of blue and green all around, and a lot of history in the walls. Really charming.



This was the view from our balcony in Rua Damasceno Monteiro. So charming with the hand painted tiles.


We ended the night with a crazy shellfish bonanza at Cervejaria Ramiro, a must eat place for everyone that likes fish and shellfish. Amazingly fresh food straight from the ocean.

Surf´s up – Costa de Caparica 

Next day we were picked up in the morning by Rui from Epic Surf School. He gave us a ride to the beach in Costa de Caparica were we had a full day course with two sessions; morning and after lunch.  We had nice weather, cute surf instructors and great surfing conditions for newbies like us.



Happy surfers enjoying after-surf drinks in the sunset.


Sunday – sightseeing day

Last day was spent around the beautiful streets on Lisbon with a Tuk-Tuk ride and a cute portuguese student as a guide. He took us all around town and had a great knowledge of the Lisbon history which he gladly shared with us.

Lisbon has good vibes in all ways; great people, charming streets and houses, splendid food & wine and a good location to the beach –  surfers paradise.