Dromomania, you say?

Welcome to my blog
I write about traveling and tourism around the globe. I write about destinations I know, destinations I dream of and weird sites and people that fascinates me around the world. Food, Art, Music, Nature and Language are some of the most important things for me while travelling.

A lot of my spare time is used with my nose stuck in a Travel guide, or a Travel magazine, always in search of new inspiration.

In 2016, my boyfriend and I travelled the world around in 90 days.  Now, with a baby on board, soon arriving, traveling will still be an important part of our life. I am sure traveling with mini will be fun, but quite different.

My favorite destinations are  Denmark, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Japan and Vietnam. Are you in search of travel inspiration and fun things to do while traveling, I hope my blog will inspire you for your next trip.

Mostly blogging in English and Norwegian, and sporadically in Spanish.

Maybe I could call my self Dromomania. In medically terms this means a person with an uncontrollable impulse or desire to wander or travel. This is me, curious and adventures!

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