In colors of the rainbow

Mexico, the country of colors
One of my favourite cities in the world is Guanajuato. The city is placed in the centre of Mexico, two thousand meters above sea level. The narrow cobblestone streets climb up and down the city centre, and every hillside is covered in small beautiful houses painted in colors of the rainbow. Almost like Lego houses.

Guanajuato city view

Guanajuato street viewI lived in Guanajuato for studies, and after one year, there was truly one thing that stood out : los Mexicanos y la Cultura Mexicana. The Mexican people are warm, helpful, kind and curios, and will welcome you with arms open. I like their colorful traditions: fiestas, food and easy way of living.

Old lady and mule

To be continued.


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  1. Vivian says:

    For et sjarmerende sted. Skjønner godt at dette er en plass på listetoppen 🙂
    Gleder meg til å følge deg og dine reisedrømmer videre – ingen dum idé det her Dromomania 😉

    1. mariringnes says:

      Ja, det er absolutt en av mine favorittsteder. Det er verdt et besøk dit om man skal reise til Mexico. Så kult at du likte min lille blogg så langt! God lesing videre 🙂

  2. camilla helen says:

    Gratulerer med kjempe fin blogg:) Gleder meg til lese og se mer av bloggen din snupp ❤

    1. mariringnes says:

      Tusen takk,Camilla 🙂 Håper du koser deg med lesingen framover!

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