Vibrant Street Art Buenos Aires 


Mural representing las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, in La Boca

Seeing Buenos Aires through its colorful and dynamic street art scene is a great way to get to know Buenos Aires. The street art reveals a rough history of fiery political origins, dreams, hope and a vibrant feel of a modern city. Many well known international street artists have put their beautiful mark on the city walls. 

We joined a walking tour with BA Street Art which where guided by Matt, a great guy with tons of knowledge on street art and the artists behind the murals. The walking tour was a three hour walk and we where shown around 20 great pieces in the area of Palermo; Colegiales and Coghlan. He took us to areas we probably wouldn´t have seen on our own.


Artist: Martin Ron with help from Jiant Guiviro, 2013. The biggest mural in Buenos Aires

Matt´s organization, BA Street Art, support the local community and artists of Buenos Aires. They organize mural projects in collaboration with artists and home owners, and their projects include over 100 murals around the city, a metro station and dozens of houses and shops. In Buenos Aires, if you own a building – it´s up to you how you paint it: “Your wall, your call”. Many house owners choose to get help from an artist embellishing their home. We would recommend a tour with Matt or his crew to get to know a little bit more about the artists and the murals in Buenos Aires.


Artist: Primo


Artist: ICE

After visiting several parts of Buenos Aires, the touch of art and color in every neighborhood makes us love the city more and more. The murals varies from stencil art to modern grafitti and dreamy paintings, all inn different size and shape.  One thing they all have in common are a great artist behind every piece.

Artist: El Marian with KNO


Dreamy mural in La Boca



The beautiful Frida Kahlo made by the brothers Carlos Jesses. The head is actually made of wood and was painted separately.


Stencil art in La Boca


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